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modern pptq 09-15-18 round 1 br hollow one vs grixis shadow - duration: 45:58. liberty mtg 2,269 views. 45:58. hollow one modern deck tech and matches - duration: 31:14.

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to my knowledge the first record of hollow one in modern is from julian grace-martin, who finished 35th in an scg open and later 5-0ed a mtgo competitive league with a vengevine version in august 2017. people were not familiar with hollow one at that time and simply named the deck 'dredge' despite it had literally 0 dredge cards.

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modern deck tech: hollow one - goryo's vengeance mashup. flipside gaming productions august 08, 2018 0 comments. this week, connor looks at one of the premier graveyard decks and tries to splice goryo's vengeance into it see what the combination looks like and what was cut to make room.

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this deck has only been being played for a couple of weeks now, yet it seems to be a modern mainstay already every other league i enter on magic online i have to worry about my opponent having hollow ones and vengevines on turn one. this is an aggressive combo deck, with one-drops like goblin guide and monastery swiftspear to make sure that once vengevine is put into the graveyard it is easy

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with that said, we are still a hollow one deck and we are still trying to play as many 4/4s on turn one as possible. the deck is high variance in the sense that your goblin lores and burning inquiry can just leave your hand lacking in some form, but if you are okay with the swings i highly recommend picking up this deck. if you are the type

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browse > home / decks / modern / b/r hollow one b/r hollow one suggest a better name. online. 101.95. paper. 491.81. 38 rare, 11 uncommon, 21 common 22 decks 2.40% of meta sample deck. scg modern iq danbury, 2nd place format: modern feb 18, 2018 online;

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a couple of weeks ago, we had the return of the modern pro tour in pro tour rivals of ixalan, and the biggest surprise of the event was a crazy goblin lore / burning inquiry-fueled rb hollow one deck making the top 8.when an off-the-wall deck suddenly posts its first premier-level tournament finish, the common assumption is that the deck came out of nowhere, but every deck comes from somewhere.

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welcome to another becoming a modern man i've been looking at some pretty mainstream decklists in my past couple of articles so i thought it would be a good time to take a look at something a bit more left-field. there have been a number of hollow one-based decks running around recently and one from the leagues caught my eye. it was fairly

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this is a deck that takes advantage of the ability of hollow one to get played for free if you have discarded/cycled 3 cards in a turn as well as flameblade adept who has some nice evasion with menace and can become huge off of discarding/cycling cards.. your primary win con is an early game hollow one s you have two four of discard spells which you can play turn one. 1: faithless looting

deck evolutions: hollow one modern - mtggoldfish

while this initial build of hollow one didn't really stick around for long although people still play versions of it from time to time , it was the performance of grace-martin and subsequent 5-0 finishes on magic online that got players to start taking the idea of a hollow one deck in modern seriously. shadow hollow oneaugust 2017

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so the decks win percentage should be evaluated with the magic skill of its pilots in mind, but its one of the decks im most excited to watch in the future. just remember: if you accidentally discard hollow one, dont let it break your heart. madcap moon radek kaczmarczyk, 7-3 in modern at pt rivals of ixalan

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i am always on the hunt for modern tech and new decks, and this week some very exciting decks popped up. death's shadow-griselbrand hollow one zoo. the synergy between hollow one, vengevine and faithless looting forms the core of the best new deck in modern that has popped up on magic online since the release of hour of devastation.

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the modern format is full of diverse decks that do so many different things. but this can play a turn 1 4/4 for free so, gg? decklist: www.mtgotrader

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mtg modern black-red hollow one deck tech tcgplayer. loading unsubscribe from tcgplayer? cancel unsubscribe. hollow one modern deck tech and matches - duration: 31:14.

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i think one of my only complaints was that the deck didnt feel like it had enough threats. youre looking at 4 hollow ones, 4 vengevines which are rarely cast and 2 hooting mandrills. the 1-drops are all great, but youre not playing a deck that can really take advantage of their chip damage, so theyre less impressive than normal.

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one thing often misattributed to the deck is how high variance it is. while there is a lot of variance to hollow one sometimes you put two hollow ones into play on turn two and your opponent is just straight dead and sometimes the best you can do is a turn two bloodghast most often the variance works in your favor. even the mediocre