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everlast board and batten is the perfect choice both as a primary or accent siding. featuring a 2 integral batten and 9 face, you produce the classic american rough sawn cedar board and batten aesthetic. plus, choose from a beautiful palette of timeless colors.

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what is board and batten siding? board and batten siding consist of alternating wide boards typically 8-10 and thin wood strips typically 2-3 , called battens. board and batten siding is, most often, placed in a vertical orientation. the battens are installed over the wide boards, in order to create depth and dimension.

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certainteed is a popular manufacturer when it comes to board and batten siding with either 7 or 8 wide planks. their composite siding is available in more than 20 different colors to help you get the look you desire. modeled using real cedar boards, youre able to get the wooden look without the maintenance.

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board and batten, or board-and-batten siding, describes a type of exterior siding or interior paneling that has alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called 'battens.' the boards are usually but not always 1 foot wide. the boards may be placed horizontally or vertically.

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board and batten siding helps create long lines on the building that draw the eye upward, adding a subtle, decorative touch to the home. best of all, its possible to get this look and the durability and low-maintenance of fiber cement siding at the same time.

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board and batten is a traditional siding that works well if you're on a budget and live in rustic surroundings. it typically consists of vertical boards installed side-by-side with strips of 1-, 2

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the board and batten planks are 12 in length and the reveal will be 11 to create a seamless vertical appearance. for more information, reach out to your local everlast installer to get your quote on the new board and batten style of everlast composite siding.. united home experts is the 1 installer of composite siding in america.

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batten board siding repairs. youve read about durability more often than not in this cost guide. since board and batten siding is not made of metal, you must consider future repairs. fortunately, if you clean and monitor your board and batten exterior siding, you wont have too many siding repairs to worry about.

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primary style 3: board-and-batten. via woodhaven log lumber. this is also known simply as vertical board wood siding, or sometimes referred as barn-style. vertical panels boards are lined up side by side, and all seams are covered by a strip called the batten. the pattern is usually done in a uniform way, to convey a sense of craftsmanship.

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homeadvisor's board and batten cost comparison guide provides per square foot prices for vinyl, cedar, wood, fiber cement, and metal batten board siding. compare costs vs. other paneling, and siding brand prices, like from certainteed.

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today, board and batten siding has regained popularity in the united states do in part to the rise of modern rustic, barn-modern architecture. so, what exactly is board and batten siding? board and batten is a fairly simple exterior siding system of gapped wide vertical siding boards with narrow overlying vertical battens to cover the gaps. the