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proven `anti climb` perimeter security products at great prices. anti climb paint; anti climb spikes for walls, fences, gates and flat roofs; anti climb spinners including roller barrier - the popular, non aggressive anti climb spinner system as used by schools spiked collars for poles and downpipes

anti climb spikes add deterrence to perimeter security

anti climb security spikes for a safe house and workplace. with the growing gap between rich and poor, and the increasing rate of crimes, perimeter security for corporations, organizations and houses are much more important than before. the previous perimeter wall or fence is not aggressive enough to stop intruders or unwelcome visitors.

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fence crown is esthetically pleasing but carries a strong preventive message: 'don't even think about trying to climb over it' fast to install by one person and cost justifiable anywhere where security and peace of mind is wanted or needed. spike length may be specified by customer to extend above the fence: 1/2' to 1.5'

46 in. steel fence and wall spike strips

stop climbing with maxguard fence and wall spike strips that guard against trespassers and nuisance animals from climbing over fences or walls by providing a strong visual and physical deterrent using a single row of 1-1/2 in. 3.9 cm high blunt tip metal spikes.

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anti-climb spikes - a brilliant alternative to sharp barbed wires or razor wires that may cause significant harm to the animal. an effective method that prevents cats, or larger animals climbing over your garden walls. the spikes are specifically designed to cause maximum discomfort, with minimum harm.

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anti climb spikes : anti-climb spikes for security is designed to work for security fences and various sites. specifications: anti climb spike comes in lengths of 1.0 and 4',is 35-45mm wide at the base. the spikes stand 80mm high. the spikes are made from 1.5-2mm thick hot-dipped galvanised steel.

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anti-climb rigid mesh fencing has the advantages of anti-climbing, anti-cutting, anti-corrosion, and good viewing visibility. combined with the fence top of razor barbed wire, security fence spikes, or tooth spikes, it becomes a ideal high-security fencing for high-end applications, such as, prisons, military and power facilities.

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here is wall spikes manufacturer in china.involved galvanized,pvc,stainless steel wall spikes.suitable usage:anti climb spikes,fence spikes,metal wall spikes,razor spikes for walls,security wall spikes,etc.fixed on the wall,fencing,gates building or metal guardrails.find your need.email us now

black wall spikes h 15mm l 500mm w 45mm, pack of 8

black wall spikes h 15mm l 500mm w 45mm, pack of 8 - b and q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest diy trends

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vandgard rotating anti climb guard rolls away aggression without intent to harm.. unlike broken glass or razor wire, which can form mantraps, or impaling fence spikes which are often illegal and can also present a dangerous hazard to employees working overhead or nearby, vandgard anti-climb is not designed with intent to cause serious harm.

anti climb spikes are widely used on walls, fences and gates

anti climb spikes are mainly installed on flat roofs, walls and fences above 2 meters high for protecting people and people's properties. anti climb spikes, also called spikes, which have galvanized and pvc coated surface are the good device for protecting people from damaging and losing properties.


anti-climb africa is a south african based company and our products are currently being exported throughout africa. securing 3 established branches in johannesburg, durban and dubai, the coverage is able to provide a global team to serve our customers as efficiently as possible.

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defender spikes, cat and bird repellent protect your property outdoor fence security control to keep off roosting pigeons and more out. plastic deterrent anti theft climb strips - 20pk 20 foot

anti climb spikes secure your perimeter ultra security

anti climb spikes have a role as part of effective perimeter security but the law means you must be careful that they dont injure anyone, including intruders. ultra security centre explains how to protect property and stay within the law. when i was a child, broken glass was the preferred method of intruder deterrent on top of walls around industrial premises.

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fence spikes and wall spikes walls, buildings, metal gates and fences. our metal anti-climb spikes are typically used as wall spikes, being fitted along the tops of walls or to building fascias, however they are also often bolted to or welded along the top of metal gates or fences.

anti-climb measures for fences and walls the crime

black lettering on a yellow background is often used. see occupiers liability act 1984 and occupiers liability act 1957 in the uk law concerning fences, walls and gates anti-climb non-drying paint . anti-climb paint can be purchased from some diy centres and locksmiths.

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anti climb spikes: anti-climb spikes for security is designed to work for security fences and various sites. the allwall spike is designed to work anywhere, as its name indicates: pre-cast and steel fences.